ACCR Services

About us

We are a family run business, we believe in providing top quality customer service and value for money. Our team is made up of dedicated professionals with 40+ years combined experience in helping businesses to recover outstanding receivables There are numerous reasons why some invoices remain unpaid, so we negotiate with debtors to try to rebuild the relationship with the customer. The money collected is deposited directly to our customers’ account. We do not handle your hard-earned cash. We will invoice you weekly for our services when debts are recovered.

What makes us different?

Our focus is on small to medium businesses. We understand how important cash flow is to run a company. The goal is to act as an extended accounts receivables / credit control department for our customers and put the outstanding cash back into operations. It is very expensive for a small business to have a dedicated team to focus solely on receivables. We work on every invoice with the same effort no matter what the balance is. We do not operate like a call centre and we try to get to the bottom of every case. With this business model we are able to provide exceptional results for our customers.

Contact us

  • Mailing address

    University Business Centre
    Piece Mill
    25-27 Horton Street
    HX1 1QE

  • Opening hours

    Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
    Closed Saturday and Sunday

    Phone: 0333 3222009